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Spreading Love to Change the World

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Changing the world through the power of Love

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
~ Gandhi

One Vision 4 Children Foundation is a different kind of nonprofit. Our goal is to empower children through self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills in order to help them meet their true potential as a human being of high character. Children must learn to live as their authentic self at an early age and understand the joy of a life that is built around good ethics and values. We want to inspire children and open the possibilities of living a life with authentic purpose, passion, and love. To develop this character, One Vision has built a proprietary teacher/parent/child facilitated process that will build a strong foundation that fosters character development and emotional intelligence. One Vision's process instills a set of foundational tools based on five key principles:

  • Love
  • Truth
  • Peace
  • Right Choices
  • Nonviolence

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Dr. Milan LaBrey

"Without basic human values guiding us, we become morally bankrupt. Without love as our purpose, we become empty. Without understanding of both of these, we become lost."
~ Dr. Milan LaBrey

Dr. Milan LaBrey is an award-winning author, international speaker, and former radio show host on W4WN.com and iHeart Radio. She is the CEO and Founder of One Vision 4 Children Foundation. Dr. Milan globally inspires millions of people with her proven programs: Transformation to Love and What's Your Personal Signature. Her work addresses common issues that people face related to relationships, self-worth, child-rearing, job satisfaction, and more.

To tackle these issues, she teaches positive nonviolent alternatives for conflict resolution, how to live with authentic purpose, leadership, and love. Her mission is to cultivate change by providing these programs to schools, community centers, prisons as well as local and international audiences. Her books Back to the Basics: 5 Core Values Revitalized, Lia and the Magic Backpack, and The Adventures of Meg's Friends are additional resources for adults and children to obtain a deeper understanding of her message providing practical insight toward transformation.

For more info, please visit Dr. Milan

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Enter the Love Connects Contest!


Create a campaign with your ideas about how to spread love and win great prizes. All entries must feature children. The purpose of this campaign is not only to promote love and service, but also to foster camaraderie and kinship. Adults are encouraged to help, but this campaign is an opportunity for children to learn more about love, giving, and helping others. This is also a great experience to encourage character development and volunteerism.

Love Connects is going to let social media and an expert panel of judges decide which project does the best job promoting love and service to others. The winning entry will receive:

  1. 1. Cash prize for their classroom or school. (Prizes are only awarded to the winning entries classroom or school).
  2. 2. Cash and/or materials to help support a community project.
  3. 3. A school visit from Dr. Milan LaBrey - author of the children's book series The Adventures of Meg and LIA and the Magic Backpack.
  4. 4. The winning student or class featured in one of Dr. Milan LaBrey's upcoming books.
  5. 5. Free books and materials for your classroom from The Adventure's of Meg Series promoting love, truth, peace, right conduct, and nonviolence.
  6. 6. Class party with food, beverages, and fun!
  7. 7. And lots, lots more!

Download the Waiver and Release Form

This is a group project! So gather your class, school, friends or family and join in! To participate, have your parent/guardian fill out the entry form. Show us your ideas with a short video (5 minutes or less). Please send completed form and videos to Dr. Milan LaBrey



Love is the most important of the five human values. It is the value that sets the foundation for all the other values. Love is absolutely critical on the journey toward incorporating the values into your life. Without it, there can only be fleeting success with all the other values.

When we are asked where to find love in our bodies, we point to our hearts. This is the seat of love. It is where we feel love in its purest form. It is what we all strive for in our evolutionary journey. Our entire purpose on this planet is to love and be loved. Love is the quickest pathway to God (and your God self), embracing your divine potential and living in bliss. Love as a value is the cornerstone, the seed, the beginning, the gateway to all the other values. If you lived with complete love for everything and everyone, every other value would naturally come into alignment. If you lived completely in love, you’d never hold a grudge, feel pain, or confusion. You wouldn’t be able to because true love is pure. It is God. The concept of love is so uncomplicated yet conversely a word and idea that have become terribly distorted in its definition. However, love cannot be judged or measured. It is only felt. Thoughts of love must be followed by words of kindness and acts of selflessness, or else love becomes meaningless (Dewan, 2003).


Related to the body, we find the value of truth in our head. It comes from our thoughts, which manifest into words or actions. In today’s world, the word truth has become layered in justifications and falsehoods. However, the actual definition of truth has only two meanings. There is the abstract truth and the infinite truth. The abstract is a truth that can change over time. It can be a truth that has been handed down from generation to generation based on the knowledge, doctrines, or dogmas of one or even many. It can be a feeling or fleeting thought. It can be an idea or concept. It can be something someone told you only a moment ago or many years before. Whatever it is, it is changing. As part of our evolution, ideas and beliefs change as we grow and gain more awareness in our lives.


As love is the seed that sprouts all of the values, then peace can be likened to the trunk of the tree, the basis on which the other values can be nurtured and grown. In the body, peace is found in our navel region, which is considered our core. It is center proportion of da Vinci’s Vitruvian man. It is the place where you build physical strength to maintain balance. Yet interestingly enough, it seems for many of us, it is what we are lacking the most. Part of the problem is that many people define peace as the absence of war or differences. When you ask them what peace looks like, people tend to hold up two fingers in a symbolic gesture.

In some regard, this is all true, but the definition is not quite correct. True peace lies within our core. It is where we come back to center when life gets out of balance. It is the value that gives us the strength and stability to support all of the other values. It is an inner calm, strength, and stillness.


Right conduct is something similar to the scales of justice–one side being good choices, the other side bad decisions. The central idea behind right conduct is purely about making good choices. However, there are several factors that need to be considered when making good decisions. Primarily, they consist of thinking about how a choice will impact one’s own well-being as well as those around you. Doing the right thing is not right conduct if you are not taking others or the planet into consideration during your decision-making process.


Typically violence is primarily identified with crime, war, and killing. Yet some of the biggest acts of violence are committed with words, not actions. Beyond that, the greatest violations usually occur against ourselves. The second kind of violence occurs when we turn our unkind words toward others. There is another form of violence that we engage in when we communicate with others. It is something called “blocking.” We do this when we shut people down during verbal interactions. Another aspect of violence comes in the form of our gestures.

Nonviolence is a world view. It is the simple equation of cause and effect. Violence in actions, words, or deed is the result of what happens when we don’t have the other values in place. It is what happens when we extract the seed of love from our hearts. We must use love as the driving force behind all our values. So it is important to be conscious and aware of what violence looks like through our words, gestures, and actions because love and violence cannot coexist in the same space. Picture